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Call Center

8 800 080 25 25
7711 Toll free for mobiles
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Individual deposits

Tsesnabank JSC offers following deposits:


Tsesnabank deposit conditions:

  1. Fixed interest rate for the term of the deposit account.
  2. Monthly interest compounding.
  3. Automatic renewal of a term deposit agreement.
  4. Unlimited cash and non-cash additions.
  5. Preferential terms on a personal loan.
  6. Deposited funds can be converted into alternative currency without losing compounded interest.
  7. Partial withdrawals are permitted without losing compounded interest.
  8. Favorable terms of early termination.
  9. Third party deposits.
  10. Incentives for depositors.
  11. Gift card.
  12. Preferential terms for depositors of pension schemes JSC “NPF “SNPF”, JSC “NPF “Atameken”, JSC “NPF “Respublika”.


Tsesnabank JSC is a participant of Kazakhstan Deposit Insurance Fund JSC, which means reliable and secure deposits at our Bank!


Linked information:

  1. Deposit secured personal loans
  2. Loans and guarantees collateralized with deposits
  3. Interest rates on term deposits no longer in effect
  4. Results of Tsesna-Honor deposit lottery timed to the Older Peoples’ day in September 2012.


Documents to open a deposit account:

Identification document with IIN

 Deposit calculator