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29 December 2017

Dear Clients

Tsesnabank JSC (the Bank) would like to notify you that a new version of Kazakhstan Code “On Taxes and Other Obligatory Payments to the Budget” (the Tax Code) (the RK TC) shall become effective as of January 1, 2018.

Thus, the RK TC shall provide a taxation rate to individuals - non-residents’ deposit interest fees which make 15%.  

In order to reduce a tax burden, a non-resident depositor may to provide to the Bank:

1) official document to confirm that, a non-resident recipient of income is a resident of a state with which Kazakhstan, has concluded an international agreement; this may be the original or a notarized copy or

2)  e - document copy to confirm residence, posted on the Internet website of a foreign state competent authority or on paper.

This document is the basis for the Bank to apply a reduced rate of an individual income tax (from 15% to 10%) to a deposit interest fee.

In order to abolish the tax burden, depositors - clients of the Bank who are not citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan, must submit to the Bank a certificate of residence issued by a tax authority (at location place, residence (residence)).

For more information, please contact the retail clients’ relations managers and the call center:

7711 (toll free from a mobile phone)