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27 December 2017

Tsesnabank and Almaty local administration signed Memorandum for launching a special CAOs supporting product

Regarding the support of the regions’ social and economic development as an important priority in its activities Tsesnabank has developed a new banking product “Turgyn Yui” as part of the memorandum signed with the Almaty local administration and launched on December 25 2017.

The Almaty local administration’s objective was developing, together with second tier banks, a product to enable CAOs (cooperative of apartment owners) to open and manage individual bank accounts on favorable terms for each run household. Tsesnabank was the first to make such an offer thus again demonstrating a high level of social responsibility.   

This Tsesnabank’s product shall offer the Almaty households management authorities opening bank accounts for keeping funds for maintenance and repair works while using special rates. 

Such collaboration shall contribute to regulating relations between the Bank and condominiums management authorities in the housing sector relations pursuant to the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan “On housing relations”.


The Almaty housing stock is the largest in the country, has 8 175 apartment buildings served by 824 CAOs. Almost half of the houses (3 500) were built in the 70-80s, and, accordingly, require proper maintenance and repair work.

Tsesnabank is the third largest bank in Kazakhstan, with total assets of 2.1 trillion tenge. As of December 1 2017 the national regional network is represented by 21 branches and 140 mini-branches. More information about products and services can be found on the website: