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Corporate Social Responsibility Tsesnabanl JSC

One of Kazakhstan’s leading financial institutions, Tsesnabank is committed to offering a wide range of high-quality financial services which add value to our clients and the national economy. We also aim to add value to society as a whole through charities and  sponsorship which bring about real and lasting change. We support public, health, and educational projects, helping those who need it most.

Milestones in 2017

One of Tsesnabank’s main social projects is caring for children:

✓   Dauren Zhaksybek, Chairman of the Board of Directors, since 2013, as one of the founders of the Public fund “Ana Uyi”, finances the Crisis center for Women and Children in Petropavlovsk, Kostanay, Semey and Atyrau until the appearance of a constant sponsor. At the beginning of the current year 3015 women with children have received assistance there.
In addition, since 2016, Tsesnabank has been actively supporting the Adoption Support Center project on a monthly basis, aimed at making family arrangements for orphans and children deprived of parental care, professional support of foster families, and also finances production of film series tentatively entitled “Mother's house”. Through the implementation of this project, the number of orphans is reduced in every year in the country, which promotes the achievement of the main goal prevention of child abandonment. As of today 328 families have adopted 465 children.
The founders of the Fund decided to provide a grant to the “Adoption Support Program” of the Office of Child Development Pittsburgh University (USA) (hereinafter – OCD) for improving parent-child relations in foster families, repeated child abandonments reducing, successful adaptation of adopted children in families, enhancing children development in orphanages and improving their social and emotional experience.
The OCD program is designed specifically for the Adoption Support Center and has a scientific basis. The program provides training for fund specialists who will conduct structural changes in residential institutions with a view to transforming in accordance with modern scientific data on child development in the system of relations with close adults.

✓    Working with Astana’s local government, Tsesnabank installed three children's playgrounds with a total area of 450 square meters across the city for Child Protection Day.

✓    In September, Tsesnabank took part in "Road to School", a program organized by the Ministry of Education and Science, as well as providing school and sports uniforms for 25 students in Astana.

✓    For the last four years, Tsesnabank and national charity Bauyrzhan has held “Towards a Dream", a football tournament for orphans. This foundation helps children to expand their horizons and instills the belief that dreams can come true. Every year the winning team is rewarded with a trip to Europe to meet their favorite football stars.

Tsesnabank supports veterans by providing financial support monthly and on Victory Day as part of the Support the Veteran! campaign.

In 2017, we also provided charitable assistance to the following organizations:

  • Yertegi Pre-schools (No. 35 of the Akimat of Astana)
  • Courage to be First, a corporate fund
  • Social Support of law enforcement officers, a private fund
  • Kazakhstan Public Association of Traumatologists & Orthopedists
  • The Council of Generals, a social association
  • A private charity fund to help those affected by the crisis in the Shakhan settlement of the City of Shakhtinsk
  • targeted assistance to the victims of infrastructural accidents in Shymkent;
  • help for people who need urgent medical treatment.

Tsesnabank aims to promote sports and an active lifestyle, with employees regularly participating in tournaments and championships organized by the Bank. Sport is all about pushing your limits, and the desire to win is one of the Bank’s core values.

In 2017, Tsesnabank sponsored:

✓    Gennady Golovkin, who successfully defended his WBA, IBO, WBC and IBF belts

✓     The Presidential Professional Sports Club Astana, including: Astana football club, Astana Pro Team cycling team, Astana Motorsports rally team, professional sport club Astana-Arlans, Astana basketball club, and Barys hockey club;

✓    The Public Association Kazakhstan Federation of Triathlon;

✓    The Public Association Federation of Track and Field Athletics in the Republic of Kazakhstan.